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 Browlift for sagging brows
and eyelids

The procedure above is a transfollicular subcutaneous browlift before surgery and 5 weeks post-operatively.  No blepharoplasty was done. 

Browlift is a procedure that elevates the brows and often this procedure is the only procedure needed to treat sagging eyebrows, "hoolding" of the lateral eyelid, and what appears to be excess eyelid skin.  When there is a large amount of excess eyelid skin then the procedure can be combined with blepharoplasty to remove excess eyelid skin.  

Dr. Wenzel performs a "minibrowlift" or transfollicular incision browlift on most patients, although in some patients an endoscopic approach can be used.  He prefers the transfollicular approach performed 5 mm behind the hairline as it is the only approach that does not raise the hairline, there is less of a chance of nerve injury because it is done under direct vision, and it is a long-lasting procedure because of excess skin removal (2 cm on average).  The recovery is 1-2 weeks for most patients.  The scar is camouflaged by hair growth back through the incision.  

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