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Plastic Surgery



Our office is now open but is taking new measures to address the "new normal" to prevent the spread of COVID19.  Please rest assured that during the time of temporary closure we have put many procedures in place to protect patients and staff.  

Some of these include:

1) Screening all patients for possible increased risks of exposure or history of exposure to COVID19.  This includes screening for symptoms such as fever, loss of smell, and cough and taking temperatures upon arrival. We also screen employees and providers daily.  If you have symptoms of COVID19, have a fever, or have been exposed to someone with COVID19, please alert our staff and schedule an appointment at a later date.

2) Given that asymptomatic persons may have Coronovirus, we will follow precautions for all patients.  Please wear a mask to your visit.  Our staff will wear masks at the visits.  Where indicated we will use protective equipment, which may include face shields, masks, gown, and gloves.  In addition, we have HEPA/UV filters in each room to filter possible airborne virus particles.  We clean rooms and surfaces with hospital-grade disinfectant after each procedure and follow sterilization protocols.

Thank you for your patience during these challenging times as we try our best to limit any exposures to COVID19.  Of course, no businesses can offer any guarantees that you will not acquire this illness before, during, or after any visits to the office.  Acquiring this illness could greatly impact your wellness and even life, as well as those around you, so please help us take any precautions very seriously.  

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