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Laser Hair removal FAQS

Tired of waxing, shaving, and bleaching hair from unwanted areas of your body? Until the mid-1990s the only reliable alternative was electrolysis, but results from this technique were not always great or long-lasting. Laser hair removal has since taken over as a popular and effective means of permanent reduction in hair. By selectively targeting the pigment melanin in hair, the normal structures of the skin can be preserved and hair in the active growth phase can be eliminated. The only problem is that not all hair is in the active phase of growth, so only a portion of the hair is affected by one treatment. Repeat treatments every 4-8 weeks are needed an the total number needed may vary depending on the patient and the patient's desires. The darker the hair color the more melanin there is to absorb laser light and the better and quicker the result. Lighter skin types do best...they do not compete to absorb the laser energy and make it easier to treat the hair more effectively. To learn more about lasers, schedule a consultation with Wenzel Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Skin Care Center today!

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