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Rhinoplasty Near Me

If you are looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon with experience and trained in both otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery then you have come to the right place.

Rhinoplasty is know by many plastic surgeons to be one of the most challenging cosmetic surgeries to perform and has the highest revision rate of any type of surgery for that reason.  Moreover, because it often can affect breathing through the nose at the expense of looking better, you want a surgeon who also has expertise in treating nasal obstruction and the function of the nose.  Surgeons who specialize in treating this aspect of the nose are called otolaryngologists or ENT surgeons.  Dr. Wenzel is certified in both otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery and has been operating on noses to improve breathing for over 2o years.  This experience combined with facial plastic surgery expertise makes him highly qualified to do specialized rhinoplasty surgery.   Please feel free to contact our office for a consultation today!

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